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Learning Parties with Parents!

Academic Learning Parties are held four times a year to strengthen the “Home-to-School” connection between families and the Summit staff. Learning Parties are held after school from 5:30-7:30pm

All Summit scholars and families are invited to Learning Parties by invitation and are reminded about the upcoming event through flyers. During the Learning Party, refreshments may be provided, as well as raffle items such as donated books, school T-shirts, etc. Scholars will also receive materials to create a make and take activity revolving around the particular topic being covered that evening. The night begins by the administration welcoming the families and introducing the staff. Administration then discusses the academic standards being covered that evening and the relevance to the scholar’s learning. Administrators then model how to make the learning game/activity, while staff circulate assisting families as they create the game/activity with their child. Afterwards, administration models how to play the game for the audience. The parents then play the game/ practice the activity with their scholar. Again, staff walk around and circulates as needed to assist or answer any questions.